are you sure your pc is safe

You probably use your computer a lot more than you did 10 years ago. The chances are that when before you might have gone to the shops you instead now sit and look for shoes online. You probably order pizza or book cinema tickets through your computer when before you would have used the phone. You probably do your banking online and do a lot of your correspondence through emails and divulge a lot of personal information all through your computer.
This should all lead you to think: is my computer safe? Is my data safe? Criminals know that all your information is on there and that all they need to do is get a hold of your computer and they could have access to a lot of valuable information, not to mention a valuable machine.
Here is how to make sure your PC and your information is safe:
In your house
A good tip is to not keep your computer in plain sight. This might mean that you just don’t set your computer up by a window or door. This will avoid any opportunists spotting your computer and trying to steal it. If you have a laptop you have a lot more opportunity to hide your computer which you should do every time you are not using it. Try to get in the habit of keeping in its case and sitting it under your bed or somewhere similarly discreet.
If it is not your computer you are worried about losing, but more your data on your computer you need to invest in secure software. The best thing to do is to stick to recognised websites, especially if you are using your credit card details. There are countless fishing scams out there with people just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to fall for their neatly worded and positioned advert for a product that doesn’t exist. You can also lose your data physically by someone stealing your hard drive. Some custom PCs offer steel chains that can be attached to walls so that it is physically impossible to run away with it. There are also other custom PCs which have incredibly encrypted hard drives which are virtually impossible to hack in to.
One way to guarantee the security of the data on your Desktop Computer Packages is to consider having a Custom Build PC designed. Professionals like these will be able to tailor an appropriate solution for your needs.
On the move